The Popular Card Game

Rubbish Options

Coming Early 2023!

The Most Popular Card Game

Rubbish Options is a Card Game played for  2-10 players. It comes with 50 game cards, an instruction book, a scorecard, and endless debates. It tests your knowledge of your friends, family, colleagues, and humanity in general. It is quickly becoming the most popular card game in town. 

Do You Think You Know Your Friends?

By asking very simple questions, Rubbish Options forces you to consider things you never would have. Would my wife prefer to get struck by lightning or run over by a truck? I have no Idea

Popular Card Game

A Fun Card Game for Lasting Enjoyment

Have you ever played watched a show or played a game that continues to impact your life days later? What is truly remarkable about Rubbish Options, is that it stimulates fun debates for hours, weeks, and even years. One mental bias we all share is the mental pattern that everyone thinks the exact way we do. By cracking the code of values, morals, and upbringing, Rubbish Options really stimulate the debate. The conversations never run out as you try to unearth the views of your fellow man. 

How does This Popular Card Game work?

A group of three or more players get together and the host, picks up the first card in the deck.

  • He reads the options and marks them down in the score card.
  • He then reads both would you rather options allowing his playmates to determine what they would do.
  • Then everyone closes their eyes, and the host asks all players to raise his hand for option one. 
  • He marks the answers on the scorecard and then tells everyone to lower hads
  • He repeats the process for option 2
  • After it is all completed, The other players guess what options everyone chose. 
  • The host marks down and gives a point if they guess the right answer of their playmate. 
  • Host is rotated and the next crazy card is pulled. 
  • Points are tallied at the end of 6 cards. 
  • A winner is declared all knowing by the party. 

Check out the video instructions here.

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We are working as hard as possible to get it out despite being millennials, the estimated release is March 2023

Due to the gruesome and disturbing themes in the game, we strongly advise parental supervision. But kids over the age of 13 should not have too many nightmares. 

This simple game has very little setup or teardown. You can play a game in as little as 5 minutes or take all day. Unfortunately, the dreadful scenarios will stick to your brain like a tick to a raccoon and be with you long after you are done. 

This game can be played with 2 players all the way up to 20 to include the most diverse crowds. Just be prepared to entertain more hair-brained arguments for particular options with a larger group. 

Perhaps, if you are sophisticated enough. Email us at to apply.