The Ultimate Conversation

A Few Cards are Changing the Communication Landscape.

Boring conversations. Our world is filled with them. People get together in an attempt at fostering a deeper human connection and end up plagued with conversations about the weather or the latest sporting event.  Even worse are the inevitable awkward silences.  This problem stems from a cognitive bias known as the False Consensus Effect.  This bias causes us to believe that our general thought patterns and way of thinking are shared throughout humanity. Our logic patterns are human, after all, and why would our individual thoughts be unique?  This is especially true regarding our closest friends and family.  We have been with these people for so long that we believe our thoughts are in sync (just like we share our sleeping breathing patterns with spouses or partners). Our thoughts seem so common that they are barely worth talking about. Or so we think.

Entertainment Masters

With this concept in mind, entertainment masters from the bowels of Colorado are hard at work to create a game that dispels common misconceptions and puts a hardy laugh into every group. They will allow groups from around the world to participate in fascinating conversations and debates over the most ridiculous topics. After vast amounts of market research, this game has allowed the creators to crack the differences in our logical thought patterns and make them appear for the world to see.

You Do Not Know Me!

Ultimately this game proves that you do not know your loved ones and friends as well as you think you do. The people that surround us in this life think in ways you cannot imagine and with a little digging, you can learn more about your favorite people than maybe you ever wanted.  Rubbish Options will be the tool you never knew you needed. It poses situations that will make you cringe, but stick with it and try to answer logically.  At least you think it is logical. Your group probably thinks you are insane.

Rubbish Options is currently under development and plans to be released in March of 2023. Check out the website at for up-to-date information. 


The Ultimate Conversation?

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