Rubbish Options

3 Player Card Games

Coming 2023

One of the Top 3 Player Card Games

Rubbish Options is one of the best 3 player card games. This perfect group size is small enough to really engage and learn about one another and yet large enough to feel immersed in a group atmosphere. In this game version, one player will host and the two other players will guess which terrible option the other chose. It’s very simple and quick to play, and the epic debates that can come out of this environment are insane. Unlike some of the greatest 3-player board games, Catan, Monopoly, and others, this game can be played anywhere with very little setup. 

3 player card games

A 3 Player Round in Detail

Here is a 3 player round that was played out recently by a few of my family members. 

All about a round hole.

Option #1 Tire: Want to be a human bumper car? A perfectly fitted car tire is inserted over your head and shoulders, all the way to your elbow joint where it permanently stays.

Option #2 Urge: Moving forward you are in a constant state of needing to go to the bathroom. Even when you do let your bowels loose, there is no relief from this feeling. 

What would you do?

After some debate, my brother decided to choose a tire, and my sister decided to choose the urge. The fierce debate began

“You would be in constant misery, not able to focus on any work, insanity would take you” – Brother

“You would be stuck in a tire, imagine trying to sleep! you will be sideways and uncomfortable. Besides, I would get used to the feeling and be fine after a while” – Sister

“used to the feeling?! that’s like getting stabbed on a daily basis and saying I would just get used to it!” – Brother

This debate went on for a good 20 minutes, both of them utterly flabbergasted by the logic of the other. My personal opinion? I’ve debated myself for months, and have yet to decide which one is better.